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Fabric Suppliers Cape Town - Screen and Digital Printing Textile Suppliers

For screen printing designs onto fabric please see our complete range of Textile Printing Processes.

Plain fabric base for the printing of designs can be supplied by the customer or we have our own range from which to choose from.

We can also assist in the locating of most fabric qualities.

Some of our range of fabrics that we stock are: Bull denim, cotton canvas, cotton twill, calico, poplin, lawn,  hopsack, cotton slub & linen. On request we can supply cotton lycra, S/J, viscose rayon and interlock

Although our fabrics are PFP, all customers must do their own tests for suitability prior to bulk manufacture.

When supplying fabric for printing please ensure it is Prepared For Printing (PFP) and fluff  free. Selvedge of rolls to be gummed flat without curling.

* See the Imaterial Fabric for Printing Pricelist for more information.

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