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Screen Design Library

Our customers have the choice either to create their own design on a new screen or to choose an existing design that we already have on screen.

We have a substantial amount of designs on screen that are open to the trade and public to use.

There is a screen cost for exclusive designs whereas choosing an existing screen from our library has no extra cost.

This saves time in cutting and preparing of new screens and saves the customer in screen costs.

Additionally, there are over 1000 designs that are on screen to choose from.

The rotary screens are ready to print so all the customer needs to supply is the preferred colours and the fabric.

If the customer cannot find the design required or if it is a unique design required, new screens are made to customer specification. These designs remain exclusive to that customer.

Please make a appointment with any of the sales team in order to view screen library.

For more information about our screen printing design library, please contact us.

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