Textile Printing Special Effects

Some of our textile printing special effects include:

  • - glitter,
  • - pearl sheen,
  • - transparent,
  • - sheen,
  • - puffs,
  • - mock flock,
  • - mock discharge,
  • - beads,
  • - sequins,
  • - glow in the dark,
  • - neon's.

*All of our textile printing special effects products are water based and environmentally friendly.

For more information about our textile printing services, please contact us.


[Title]Digital Textile Printing and Sustainable Fashion - Cape Town

As people continue to show interest in more eco-friendly products, digital printing onto natural fabrics has become a popular solution for creating ranges of products from fashion textiles to interior design, appealing to those living a greener life.

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Posted by Remo Gorlei on Friday, February 8, 2019 Views: 228