Textile Printing Artwork Requirements

Artwork for Digital Printing

  1. COLOUR PROFILE to be in RGB - full colour and not separations  'if colours are supplied in separations it      needs to be in one file:  eg. Coreldraw, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator CS5.'
  2. RESOLUTION - 300dpi plus - All photos, images & graphics should be high quality  'increasing files to a larger    scale can distort artwork & have a less than desirable print quality.'
  3. SCALE  - Artwork should be supplied at the correct or intended print scale
  4. STEP & REPEAT PATTERN - seamless printing can be any size running up the length of the roll and any size  across the width of the fabric.
  5. BLOCK/PATTERN -  for specific size printing a bleed/seam allowance must be added to measurements.
  6. SENDING ARTWORK - Less than 7MB can be emailed. Greater than 7MB can be sent via www.wetransfer.co.za
  7. INTERNET google IMAGES - click on Tools icon, select Image size, search for large '1200x1200 pixels minimum'
  8. FILE TYPE format used :
  •  High res Jpeg, Tiff, PDF
  •  Adobe Illustrator  - save as working file (save for PC)
  •  Photoshop - Save artwork 'to scale' @ 300 dpi plus (save for PC)
  •  Coreldraw - save as working file (save for PC)
  •  Maximum print width 1.8m 
  •  Print colour onto fabrics can differ from what tranlates on the computer screen. 
  • WE ONLY NEED A MAXIMUM OF 2 REPEATS IN EITHER DIRECTION - Do not send stepped up artwork!

In house Textile Design Services

Our design studio is available to assit should you need any information regarding set up, general design advice, new design work or any help in preparing your own designs/images.

Textile design time is charged at R260 per hour 'excl vat.'

Specifications for continuous rotary screen printing

Running up the length of the roll, the pattern repeat will fit a maximum of 64 cm or a factor 32, 16, 8, 4, 2. Width can fit any repeat size up to 1.8m.

For interior décor fabric printing, the client must know the width of their fabric, so as to pattern-match designs for use in curtaining e.g.:

  1. Fabric supplied in 142 cm width
  2. Allow 2 cm either side of the fabric for creating seams.
  3. Design can therefore be pattern-matched to 138 cm. This means the design repeats across the fabric width at 138 cm or a factor thereof- 69, 46, 34.5, etc.