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The History of Imaterial Textile Design and Printing

Imaterial was formed in 1986 by founder members Remo and Marcia Gorlei. Since then the company has grown with a present staff compliment of about 50.

Our aim is to supply a screen & digital service for exclusive custom textile printed fabrics. We specialise in the fashion and home furnishing textile industry.

Our print facility uses Rotary nickel automisation screen and Flatbed hand screen printing. 

Over the years the company has kept a close interest in technology and has more recently invested in the next generation Industrial Digital textile printing for cotton & linen fabrics.

“We take pride in the fact that in 2005 we were the first in South Africa  to introduce a direct digital pigment printing system for cotton,” says Remo."We focus solely on water based inks which are environmentally friendly." 

Our new High Spee Industrial digital machine was installed in 2016 and is up and running. The results have been mind blowing, not only in the speed and quality but also the no waste, low carbon technology of today. 

We are a total service from the design and layout to the screen making and the variety of printing options.

Imaterial is a customer friendly environment ensuring time efficiency, affordability and flexibility to our clients.

We consider no order too small and at the same time have the capacity to efficiently deliver on large orders.

Together with our largely experienced team Remo and Marcia remain hands on supervising, teaching and developing their passion and dream of locally printed textiles.

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Our highly experienced team will carry you through the print process, giving you optimal insight on the most cost-effective process, pattern and product making, selecting appropriate fabrics and finishes for the best result.

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