Textile Printing Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements for Screen Printing

Artwork ready to process onto screen must conform to the following-:

File format in order of preference:

  1. Coreldraw (Version-13 and later)
  2. Adobe Illustrator - CS5 – Save as vectors or layers
  3. Photoshop - CS5 – Resolution not layer than 300 dpi
  4. Jpegs and PDF’s will require work and correct resizing

Artwork Requirements for Digital Printing

  1. Digital files need to be in RGB and full colour and not separations(if colours are supplied in separations it needs to be in one file eg. Coreldraw, Photoshop CS5 or Adobe Illustrator CS5.)
  2. All photos and images need to have a resolution of 300 dpi or more
  3. Please note that our printer does not print white.
  4. Digital printing is done on the roll up to 1.7 meter wide and onto light shade fabrics only.

Graphic Designer and Textile Design Services

Any extra work or textile design time is charged at R200 p/hr excl vat.

Specifications for continuous fabric print runs

Along the fabric selvedge, the repeat must be 64 cm or a factor of 64-e.g. 32, 16, 8 etc. For fashion printing, the repeat across the fabric width need not be as above.

For interior décor fabric printing, the client must know the width of their fabric, so as to pattern-match designs for use in curtaining e.g.:

  1. Fabric supplied in 142 cm width
  2. Allow 2 cm either side of the fabric for creating seams.
  3. Design can therefore be pattern-matched to 138 cm. This means the design repeats across the fabric width at 138 cm or a factor thereof- 69, 46, 34.5, etc.