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Fabric Coatings

All our coatings are waterbased and environmentally friendly.

The coating system and formula we use are unique to us and are the only type of it's kind in Cape Town. These coatings are not plastic, they are formulated with a water-base and are ozone friendly. 

Additionally, our coatings are done on the roll and are heat cured afterwards.

We have numerous fabric coating or padding options on offer depending on customer requirements.

IMAREPELLENT: Water repellent coating, for fashion & household

Water repellent finishing of fabrics of all fibre types. Confers a clear matt, neutral handle. Adds to print durability, used to repel water only, this is not a waterproof. (Used to protect household furnishing).

IMACOAT: Coating for Tablecloth, bags, household & fashion fabrics

 Confers a clear low sheen. Adds extra body and durability to fabric (Used for tablecloths and household furnishing). Improves wash & adds extra strength to print and fabric.

IMACOATW- Combination of waterreppellant and extra body

IMASOFT: Silicone softener coating for fashion & household fabrics

Colourless softener for the final finishing of fabrics. Improves smoothness, handle, sew ability, wrinkles, elasticity and pilling. Excellent wash fastness and wear. (Used for softening of fabrics especially for fashion garments). Improves dry rub, handle, smoothness, sew-ability, wrinkles & pile.

IMAFIX: Fixer coating

Improves dry rub, wet wash fastness, print uniformity and colour yield. (Used for improving colour loss in fabrics)

Please see the Coating Pricelist here

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