Fabric Coatings & Waterproofing for Printed Fabrics

All our coatings and fabric treatments are waterbased and environmentally friendly.

The coating system and formula that we use is unique to us and is the only type of it's kind in Cape Town. These coatings are not plastic, they are formulated with a water-base and are ozone friendly. Once the fabric has been treated it is heatcured with dry heat reaching temperatures of up to160 degrees for anything between 1-4 minutes.

We have a variety of fabric coating or padding options on offer depending on individual customer requirements.

  • IMAGUARD : water repel for the protection of indoor & outdoor fabric
  • IMACOAT : extra strength additive to improve washfastness 
  • IMASOFT : softening agent to improve handle, dry rub & pilling
  • IMAHARD : stiffening of fabric
  • IMAREACT : fixation for loss of colour in reactive overdye fabrics
  • PRE-TREATMENT : preparation treatment for digital pigment printing process
  • POST-TREATMENT : improves wet & dry fastness for pigment
  • STENTER : stabilising & heat fixing of waterbase pigment ink to fabric fiber
  • DE-FLUFFING: removal of loose fluff from fabric prior to print

Please see the Coating Pricelist here


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