Rotary Screen Service

Rotary Screen Engraving & Screen Preparation

We have our own lazer engraving and screen coating equipment which is very high tech equipment from Stork.

This allows us to do our own in house rotary screen engraving giving us a very fast turnaround time for getting new designs ready for printing.

Additionally, this especially beneficial for our fashion customers where quick turnaround could be key to sales.

Furthermore, we are the only Cape Town based company to offer rotary screen supply and engrave to other screen printing companies.

For more information about our Rotary Screen Services, please contact us.


[Title]Digital Textile Printing and Sustainable Fashion - Cape Town

As people continue to show interest in more eco-friendly products, digital printing onto natural fabrics has become a popular solution for creating ranges of products from fashion textiles to interior design, appealing to those living a greener life.

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Posted by Remo Gorlei on Friday, February 8, 2019 Views: 231