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New digital printer for fast fashion textile design

Digital printer supports local fashion design

We have been offering digital printing since 2006 and although our 2 DuPont digital printer machines are still doing a fantastic job, we are always looking at ways to improve our digital textile printing services.


Over the past few years digital technology for pigment printing has improved dramatically, allowing for superfast digital printing. This is the reason we have now invested in our third digital printing machine.

The new digital printer is the latest digital textile printer from MS Italy and uses inks also from Italy and we should be up & running with it by mid-July 2016.

Improved fabric treatments and #nowaste

Not only will the new digital fabric printer have high speed performance but improvements in sharpness, colour yield & fastness will also be available. This ink system has superior lightfastness to any other ink available.

In Europe it is popular to use pre-treatment & or post-treatment for problematic fabrics. Although we are already using some of these coatings we will be introducing these applications officially with the launch of the new digital printer.

Once the digital print is complete, the fabric undergoes a heat treatment through our state-of-the-art Eco wise curing machine.

This system is the most eco-friendly and does not require steaming and washing which releases extra chemicals through waste into the environment. #nowaste

The pigment inks and coatings are all water based and free of all solvents.

These inks do not change in colour through the finishing process, what you see is what you get. We are using the finest software available from MS Italy ensuring a huge colour gamut range.

Perfect for Fashion Designer fabrics

As we already know digital textile printing for household textiles has been a great success. However, we wanted to improve on our services to fashion designers and specifically reducing costs for bigger quantities and longer print runs.

The new digital printer is specifically designed to provide fashion designers with the flexibility of long or short runs, quick turnaround time, multi colour options (unlimited colours) and with photographic digital imaging. The new word is shorter runs but with more variety.

Until now printing onto imported fabrics posed unknown problems for local textile printers, unsure of how well the new fabric would handle printing conditions in South Africa. But now with the new digital printer the latest fabrics should present no problem at all.

This allows local fashion designers to launch exclusive designs with imported fabrics, whether it be smaller runs for boutique fashion designers or large production printing for fashion houses. There is now no real limit to the speed and quantity of print runs.

To top it all, the new digital printer has the best print head available worldwide, providing fashion fabric with the softest handle available, so fabrics do not have to go through extensive washing or steaming to make them readily wearable.

A precision print handle also means less ink wastage, and minimal water usage. Like our conventional screen printing operation, the digital ink print systems we use are also pigment based.

Imaterial Textile Printers offers the full range of textile printing options

Our clients have the extra choice of any form of textile printing, whether it be rotary, hand-printed or digital. Because of this our coordinators will always give you un-biased recommendations regarding your best textile printing options.

Having 3 digital machines will also assure you of the fastest turnaround possible and machine maintenance will not interfere with your production due date.

Our staff are knowledgeable in all aspects of textile printing and often save our customers time in setting up new jobs.

Imaterial Textile Printers cannot wait to show you how the new digital printer will improve the quality of your designs and the efficiency of your brand.

Contact Us to book the best Digital Printing job whenever you are ready.


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