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Artwork setup for digital printing at Imaterial

Here at Imaterial, we offer a fabric printing service for any print order size. Small, medium or large print runs, we’ll help you create your fashion, home décor and custom design fabrics.

Our highly experienced team will carry you through the print process, giving you optimal insight on the most cost-effective process, pattern and product making, selecting appropriate fabrics and finishes for the best result.

Digital Printing Process

The process starts with the customer, professional designer, student, local artist or fellow friend coming in with something as simple as an idea. Our team can help curate pieces down to every detail of your desire.

We work with Corel Draw, Photoshop and Illustrator, to set up your design for production. Taking your artwork to our print machines is simple with the help of our printing specialists.

With over 30 years of knowledge we can help determine which fabrics are best for your final product, how each fabric may need to be pre-treated, or which print method is appropriate whether its rotary, flatbed or digital printing.

To prepare the design for our digital printing, whether it is a pattern repeat design or piece of art you would like printed the following format can be followed:



  • - Assure images are at least 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • - Files can be supplied as jpeg, PDF, Tiff or vector format in RGB colour mode
  • - We can also use your working files – Photoshop; Illustrator and Corel Draw
  • - For pattern repeat prints we only need one pattern tile & not the whole design layout
  • - Maximum size artwork for emailing is -7MB
  • - Artwork larger than 7 MB can be sent via
    • - Images found on the internet must be high quality & DPI, no less than 2MB.
    • - Scanning of large format original artworks should be done in high res
  • - Our Digital printing has no limit to repeat size and can print any amount of colours, including photographic images, all at the same price.
  • - Rotary & screen printing repeat patterns are 64cm up the length of the roll. For screen printing each additional colour is an extra cost.
  • - When setting up for block or shape printing please allow extra for seam allowance & shrinkage.


Art Creation and Digital Printing Cape Town


FASHION – Stretch or woven fabrics

HOME DÉCOR – Lightweight, medium weight & heavy weight cotton, linen, hemp, hopsack & silk fabrics

MOVIE & THEATRE STAGE PROPS – canvas, twill, bull denim, lawn, poplin, rayon, muslin, satin, chiffon, georgette + etc….

Alternatively, you can supply your own fabric.

For any questions please feel free to contact us at our Cape Town based print facility.


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