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Pigment digital textile printing saving energy & water

Living a greener life has become more normative in most individuals’ daily lives. Citizens all over the world are doing as much as they can to be conscious consumers.

This is why Imaterial utilizes zero waste manufacturing methods to perform textile printing. Pigment digital printing is the most eco-effective practice of all printing inks.

Digital printing Cape Town

With our advanced digital printing machines that are imported from the very best machine manufacturers in Italy, emphasis is on low energy consumption & zero waste.

Water Conscious Textile Printing

Using less stages in the manufacturing line, digital pigment printing is a simple process. We do not use any harsh chemicals that need to be removed by washing or steaming. Instead, we use a dry heat curing method, leaving no air pollution and saving water resources.

Choosing pigment digital printing for natural fabrics not only supports a greener future but also provides you with results unmatched by any other form of textile printing.

Digital Textile Printing with Imaterial

Imaterial has been specialising in rotary & flatbed pigment printing since 1986.

In 2005 Imaterial expanded into digital when it became South Africa’s first textile company to successfully print pigment digitally onto natural fabrics. More recently further investments were made when the newest and latest machine technology was brought in.

Our pigment inks which are imported from Italy are showing remarkable benefits as they are suitable for printing on a large variety of textile fabrics whether it be homeware or fashion. These versatile resources allow our customers to optimize their creative freedom.

Our colour atlas is fired using 6 pigments and extends past the standard CMYK which refers to cyan, magenta, yellow and black as the colours used during the printing process. These extra colours give our customers a larger colour gamut with more realistic and accurate matching, making it an ideal tool for photographic and original artworks.

Turnaround Time and Fabric Treatments

Our latest machine is designed as a high speed industrial printer. This allows our customers to print small or large quantities on demand which is a huge advantage when time is a factor. We pride ourselves in speedy turnaround times.

To add value to our customers’ products we have a wide selection of in house pre-and post-printing treatments. This saves our customers time as there is no need for call-outs or repairs to be done once the product leaves our workshop.

All fabric preparation and finishing, together with quality check, is controlled internally. Any fabric related issue or anomaly that may occur can easily be fixed by using one of our treatments.

Some of the finishes that we provide include:


  • Fluff removal
  • Fluff spot colour touching
  • Pre-shrinking
  • Water repellent
  • Silicone softening
  • Stiffening
  • Dry rub fixation
  • Wet rub fixation
  • Anti-crease/pile
  • Odour neutraliser
  • Tension Stentor
  • Tensionless heat cure
  • Over dye colour loss prevention


Moreover, Imaterial are the only printers in South Africa that can offer pigment printing in digital, rotary, hand print and garment print all under one roof, making us the best and most convenient place to assist you with all services.

With over 30 years of carrying the textile printing practice, we have mastered the technology behind all aspects of fabric, therefore equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to guide our customers toward the best & most economical choice for their specific printing needs.

If you have any questions regarding textile printing & fabric finishing, please contact us.


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