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Digital Printing on Fabric using Pigment Ink

Imaterial has been specialising in pigment ink printing for the past 3 decades.

Over the years, the use of pigment ink has transformed digital printing onto fabrics such as, cotton and linen.

Fabric Pre-treatment

Our emphasis has always been on improving the production speed and quality of digital printing. Therefore, we have searched, developed and formulated a superior fabric pre-treatment.

Our pre-treatment, we believe, is the best available on the market.

This has led to, improved print fastness, brighter colours, sharper print detail and delivering a soft fabric finish, never achievable before.

The new pre-treatment acts as a primer for the pigment print and we have not yet come across a fabric that we cannot print.

Pigment ink has the best light fastness performance over all other printing types and for this reason it is the preferred choice for interior fabrics.


We only use products that are environmentally sustainable, leaving no carbon footprint, something extremely important to us.

Pigment printing is a waterbase ink and therefore, does not require any chemical post-treatment. Unlike reactive dyes which need washing and steaming to rid the harmful chemicals used in the process.

What you see during pigment printing is what you get, so colour matching is easier and there is no colour change afterwards.

Additionally, because it has fewer processes, the turnaround time is also quicker than reactive inks.

Pre-treated Fabrics

We host a basic selection of pre-treated fabrics available to our customers:


  • Muslin;
  • Poplin;
  • Rayon;
  • Twill;
  • Hopsack;
  • Gentry;
  • Cotton canvas;
  • Linens;
  • Lycra;
  • Knits;


However, customers are also welcome to source and bring their own quality fabric for printing.

Fabric Coatings

Furthermore, we offer several fabric pre and post coatings, namely:


  • softening;
  • stiffening;
  • degumming;
  • improved dry rub;
  • improved wash fastness;
  • extra body stabilizer;
  • water repellents for outdoor;
  • and stentering.


Who are our customers?

Fashion Designers


  • apparel;
  • swimwear;
  • stretch garments;
  • woven garments. 


Interior Fabric Designers


  • scatter cushions;
  • tablecloths;
  • murals;
  • wall hangings;
  • runners;
  • tea towels;
  • curtains;
  • upholstery;
  • accessories;
  • advertising.


Imaterial – Superior Fabric Printing South Africa

On behalf of our team at Imaterial, we would like to wish each of our customers a very happy and safe holiday break.

The 2016 year, has seen great developments at Imaterial, and we look forward to what 2017 has to offer!

We will be closed from the 22 December to the 16 January 2017.

For more information about our digital fabric printing, please contact us.


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