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Digital Printing direct onto Cotton - Textile Printers Cape Town

Photographic & Art images reproduced onto cotton using our next generation Digital Textile Printing technology.

At Imaterial, our brand new digital printing machine imported from Italy, uses the best print heads in the world. This means that photographic & art reproduction onto cotton & linen, is now crisper, finer and better than ever before.

Some Product possibilities include:


  • - scatter cushions,
  • - tablecloths,
  • - table runners,
  • - tea towels,
  • - textile gifts,
  • - home furnishing,
  • - film backdrops,
  • - aprons,
  • - wall murals,
  • - event decoration,
  • - household accessories,
  • - apparel,
  • - fashion accessories.

There are several advantages to using Imaterial as your partner:

Dots lay-down:

With our print technology, we provide a 16-level grey scale printing platform, more than any other head available today.

The uniformity that we can achieve printing with our multi-levels dot lay-down is the best available on the market.

Additionally, this feature is very important when backgrounds are full because you can saturate the color space better by having more droplets available.

Another unique advantage is achieved when light colours cover a large surface, because the multi-level technology helps to perfectly avoid any dithering effects.

Thanks to the multi-levels we can match the exact saturation required, which often enables us to save in energy consumption.

Energy Saving - Environmentally Conscious:

Thanks to our advanced electrical controls and logics from the finest engineers in Italy, our digital printing machine uses 35-40% less consumption than any other machine present on the market.

Furthermore, our heat curing machine is the latest eco- friendly design from the UK and revolves around re-using energy.

Making Imaterial the eco-friendly and energy saving choice.

Non-ripping solution:

With our scanning machine, you can avoid having to rip the pattern before sending to the printer. This saves and increases turnaround time - essentially helping us get your prints to you quickly and efficiently.

Many of our competitors are still sending patterns divided into many files (one per color). This method takes a very long time and during the profiling and sampling phase this can be a headache for customers.

Robust and efficient:

Our machine is an Industrial Textile Printer, manufactured for high speed and large volumes if applicable.

Furthermore, our machine is built by rotary machine experts, so the fabric infeed, patented dryer and fabric exit ensures minimum stretch and accurate straight selvedge printing.


Our inks are manufactured by our machine supplier in conjunction with world re-known Lubrizol, ensuring that the compatibility between heads and inks give the best possible results.

Print Width:

Our machine allows up to 1800mm print width, perfect for large textile printing and without any repeat size limit.

Optional extras:

At Imaterial, we have our own in house fabric coating, padding, stenter & finishing facility, including:

  • - Silicone softening,
  • - Fabric stiffening,
  • - Water-repellent,
  • - Wet or dry rub improvement,
  • - Defluffing,
  • - Antistatic,
  • - Pre & post treatment for digital fabrics,
  • - Stenter and heat cure,
  • - Colour running fixation,
  • - Additional body strength.

Imaterial – Digital Textile Printing Cape Town

It is very important for customers when choosing a digital printing partner, that they choose a textile printing company that has extensive experience and who uses specialised high-quality machinery.

For more information about our quality digital textile printing, please contact us.


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