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Digital Fabric Printing for Exhibit and Window Shop Displays

Digital fabric printing onto cotton has become the popular choice for exhibit and retail display designers.

Shop window displays, boutiques and retail stores have begun turning towards cotton & linen advert hangings rather than traditional plastic synthetic hangings.

Digitally Printed Shop and Window Displays

Digital fabric prints are suitable for a wide array of indoor and outdoor branding and decor solutions.

Curtains for shop dressing rooms can also be easily branded and printed onto cotton and linen fabrics. These are great for brand awareness and can be printed on an array of different coloured fabrics.

Additionally, once the window display hanging has run its course, it can be used for tablecloths, scatter cushions or simply folded up for re-use at a later stage.

Imaterial Textile Printing Process

Our prints are heat cured, making the fabric washable and preventing them from fading. This enables them to take direct sunlight in shop windows.

The printing process we use, ensures that fabrics retain their drape and soft look & feel.

Additionally, our fabric prints are wrinkle resistant, odourless, rich in bright colours, and can be washed and handled without harming the print.

Furthermore, we use water based inks that are manufactured specifically for natural fibre fabrics.

Most cotton and linen fabrics we print on are 1.5m wide, however, we can print any length or repeat pattern. For mural or wall hangings, we simply sew a seam through the top and fit a wooden dowel.

Imaterial – Quality Digital Fabric Printing Cape Town

Our fabric printing pricing is very reasonable and may even be less expensive than plastic and synthetic printed fabrics.

Not only do natural fabrics look and feel better than synthetic fabrics, they are also far more environmentally friendly.

We use the latest and finest technology available in the World, which is designed for energy saving and no waste.

With South Africa going through these trying times of low energy and water shortages, we hope to see more and more shop owners using this new development of digital printing onto cotton fabrics.

For more information about our digital fabric printing and prices, please contact us.


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